EyeforTravel @ Mobile World Congress

EyeforTravel @ Mobile World Congress is the first and only conference for the travel vertical inside Mobile World Congress, the biggest mobile forum in the world.

EyeforTravel @ Mobile World Congress is a two-day executive conference designed to discuss and debate mobile strategies with top leaders in the industry and gain powerful insights on how to optimize mobile to increase brand awareness and revenue. The conference features leading CEOs and Vice Presidents in the world of e-commerce and m-commerce, mobile, and IT (among others) from the world’s top accommodations, transportation, and travel organizers (among others) and brings together top worldwide travel brands in the mobile landscape. Each session provides visitors with up-to-the-minute discussions and case studies on best practices in the mobile space, such as: consumer behavior, social media, and marketing (among others).

It is the mission of EyeforTravel @ Mobile World Congress is to teach visitors how to deliver mobile strategies that will increase brand awareness and maximize visitors’ return on investment. As such, EyeforTravel is constantly researching the challenges and opportunities mobile presents for the travel industry. Each and every session is researched in detail by talking to dozens of senior executives in the industry and aims to provide business intelligence to the online travel industry.



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