Inarea - Identity and Design

Inarea Identity and Design Network is an independent, international network of designers, architects, strategists and consultants specialized in the creation and management of identity systems.

Inarea uses a structured process to add value to the performance of its clients in defining their identity.

Identity of organizations

Businesses and groups as well as communities and institutions.

Identity of places 

Cities, regions, or workplaces, resorts, and public and commercial spaces.

Identity of things material and immaterial

Products, services, and their packaging.

The network is coordinated by twenty-two partners with a staff of over one hundred people distributed across ten offices in eight countries.

The two head offices are located in Italy with Inarea Strategic Design srl in Rome and Inarea Identity Architecture srl in Milan.

MoniTourism and Inarea teamed-up to develop a new market opportunity: shedding light on trends in the global travel and tourism market and presenting them in a simple yet meaningful format to industry professionals.

Why Inarea Identity and Design Network:

Thanks to this partnership, MoniTourism can leverage the Inarea international market research team’s expertise to gain unique insights on the travel and tourism industry from a market point of view. Internationally recognized as one of the most influential brand consultancies, Inarea’s partners have been advising clients across a multitude of industries and locations for more than 30 years. Brand repositioning and the creation of new identities constituting Inarea’s core activity, its methodology is specialized in the understanding of industry trends and the imagining of future scenarios.

The knowledge base and skill set of the Inarea network of brand and business strategists is a perfect match for the expertise of the MoniTourism Analytical Team in order to build reliable and enlightening market trend analyses and forecasts.

Moreover, Inarea sports a community of renowned and award-winning designers that, combined with the MoniTourism Editorial Team, pave the way for a completely new paradigm of business storytelling in the travel and tourism industry.

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