Tourspain Spain national tourism agency

Spain: Tourspain

Tourspain is the national tourism agency responsible for the marketing of the Kingdom of Spain to the world and the creation of value for its tourism sector by encouraging the economic, social and environmental sustainability of national destinations.

The mission of Tourspain is to be the vanguard of Spanish tourism strategy, coordinating and leading public and private actors, by: planning, developing and executing activities aimed at promoting Spain as a tourism destination in international markets; and, supporting the marketing of Spanish tourism products abroad in cooperation with regional and local authorities and the private sector (among others). For more about Spain on MoniTourism, click here.


  • address: Capitán Haya 41, C.P. 28020 Madrid, Madrid, España
  • telephone: +34 (91) 3433500
  • e-mail1
  • website


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